The Status Of Social Media In Marketing – Infographic

Since the last era of integrated communications during the 90s, we’ve seen two economic crashes and the rise of social (and now mobile) media. As a result, marketing departments have retreated to become siloed with different disciplines strategizing and executing programs autonomously. The result is less effective communications across the board.

The market research cited in the infographic demonstrates that as much hype and discussion as there has been with social media, it has not entered the core of marketing strategy. Another recent study showed that 74% of business-to-business organizations had not implemented a social media strategy yet as of 2011, and 35% of these same businesses don’t see social as important (see analysis here). This data doesn’t even factor in the emerging mobile media boom…Read the entire article

Source: Marketing in the round,

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  1. I think SM is still learning what and how to measure. SM will continue to be a stepchild in marketing budgets; until that gets figured out. Most marketing departments know that an ad spend of x generates y leads that close z sales. SM does not know that equation, or if that really applies to SM.

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