Top Health and Fitness Apps to Improve Your Workout and Diet – Infographic

Mashable, 04/29/2012 If your smartphone isn’t already your best workout buddy, it might be in the future. Tracking your progress on a mobile app makes it easier to eat right, sleep well and push a workout harder…Read more

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6 Responses

  1. Bob Warren says:

    Rock and Roll Tuesday, Have a Great One!

  2. Luvn the healthy apps. Especially resting :)

  3. Sia A says:

    im far from a healthy guy and this info graph makes me wanna go grab a smoothie and book a hike! You get a full button dance!

  4. Geoffrey says:

    Thanks for sharing, I will be over to do a run on your FB page, cheers

  5. not an application (app) user, but can see how these apps are useful and target a specific audience, this is a good idea, target, isolate and engage those who need a specific few, With 100000000’s of applications out there, this makes life simpler and helps people find what the want or need without the sorting process. Ask for the order and you get the sale.

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