Treovi launches its ‘100% commission-free’ hotel booking service into public beta

Treovi claims to be the world’s first 100% commission-free Web-based hotel reservation platform. The Swiss startup launched in closed beta at the beginning of the summer, and officially opened a couple of weeks back for hotel registrations, though it had started signing up hotels from early July. Treovi is free for hotels to register and upload their inventory, while it’s also free for guests to search, find and book hotels. The company verifies and approves the entries made by the hoteliers, who are given access to an administration panel where they can complete the relevant hotel information, including hotel description, photos, and setting up room availability and rate types. Today, Treovi opens for guests to search for and book hotels, though at launch only 1,500 hotels have signed up, with around 500 in Europe, 300 in North America, 200 in Asia, 60 in Africa, 50 in Oceania and the same number…

Credit: The Next Web

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