U.S. U17 boys beat Brazil 3-1…Make sure they don’t go to college

Vitus Feldmann

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4 Responses

  1. footynions says:

    Hahahaha. I think they have more chances of developing at the college level than MLS :)

    • V. says:

      Thanks for the comment. Well, I would love to see them all stay away from college and try their luck in Europe, or at least in the MLS. If they go to college, they are lost for international soccer, while the Brazil U17 they just beat has a few superstars when they are 22. College soccer can’t keep up with professional first division soccer, even in South America.

      • footynions says:

        I agree with you in that sense, however, at this point we have seen what has happened to players that have made the move at a young age. Adu was a perfect example. Another would be Nguyen, who made the move after his first year at college but is currently a free agent.

        Don’t get me wrong, there are others like Holden, Spencer, etc, who had made it at that level from a younger age but again the environment was much different.

        In the end, I would love to see US football taking a long stride as I thought it would after its performances in the World Cup 2010.

        • V. says:

          Becoming a soccer pro means taking a risk. Adu didn’t make it big in Europe. Consider the experience/education he gained with his “travel” in the soccer world. And the income, which is good enough to put money on the side to pay for his own education, should he still need it, once he is done with soccer. I know that we need more international experienced player in order to become a considerable force in world soccer. College soccer won’t provide us with that. Our U17 players are getting ready to go to college and ruin a promising soccer career, while all the other countries have their young players playing and practicing with the top guns in the world. That is what separates us from the world. This can’t be made up after college.

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