What Makes An Entrepreneur? It’s Not Youth – Infographic

Infographic Source: StartupBros

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When we think about successful Entrepreneurs names like Zuckerberg, Jobs and Musk come to mind. All of them started their endeavors at a relatively young age. So, automatically, we are all a little misguided to believe that successful Entrepreneurs are all more on the younger side.

This infographic reveals that this is not so. The average age is actually around 40 and, not mentioned in this infographic, with all the developments in the job market over the past years, it is very likely that the average age for Entrepreneurs will actually increase.

With age discrimination starting at 40 already, job seekers above that magic number are more and more starting to look for contract work and making a business out of it. A pretty good indicator that more successful Entrepreneurs will develop in the coming years.

The infographic also reveals some other more or less surprising facts about Entrepreneurs. Have a look and see. Maybe the facts will encourage you to pick up on an idea you might have had in the past and dropped it , because your environment told you, you don’t have the right characteristics to be a “boss”.


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