What to know about Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is a social media site with its own dynamics. Unlike Facebook, which is, in my eyes, a very static site, you can post what you had for breakfast, or not, and people like you anyway, Empire Avenue requires you to be active on a regular basis. At least if you want to get anywhere in the gaming part of the site. You need to buy shares, increase your dividends, both on the receiving side AND giving side. If you just sit there and watch, frustration is around the corner.

Starting out: Usually, when you start out, people are going to buy your shares quick. They all hope that your share price goes up and the buyers wealth with that is increasing. Depending on strategy of the buyer, they also hope that you buy their shares. After a little while, the most players experience that times are getting harder. Instead of a rising share price, the curve turns sideways. Once you reach that point, you will experience a very frustrating event. Your share price will drop, because people are watching you and your shares. You hit the wall, they will sell your shares. Many new players don’t understand immediately what happens and with the shares not going up for a few days get frustrated and in the worst case, leave the game.

Type of Players: Empire Avenue has different players with different styles and values. There are reciprocal players and they expect you to buy their shares when they buy yours. Their focus for their game is their own share price. They don’t care too much about their dividends. Share price and the social interaction on Empire Avenue is more important to them. On the other hand, there are players that focus on the dividend they can pay out every day. They are usually active on other networks as well and on Empire Avenue buy others that pay good dividends or are very active across networks as well. In other words, if you buy some shares in a reciprocal player, he or she will most likely buy you back, while the other type will watch first and see how your shares perform on the dividend side. So, this is important, if someone doesn’t buy you back, don’t take it personal. As a return you will get usually good dividends and that becomes more important as the game goes on. And, as you improve and move on as they do, sooner or later, they will buy you.

Superstars and so called influencers: As in every community, on and offline, Empire Avenue has superstars and people that influence others. For the most part that is a good thing. As it always is with superstars, they are a little ego-sensitive. When they have issues, then the entire world will hear about that and they look for support for their cause. You can find that all over the place and networks, nothing unusual. Unfortunately, when they start crying, everything looks bad and is no good and goes down the hill. On a site as Empire Avenue this comes out quite obvious, while on a site as Facebook the superstars and divas are hardly noticed. So, when you hear complaining and things in that direction, just hold it like Steve Jobs did with consultants: Listen, but don’t do what they say. Pull what is important to you and develop your own thing with what you have and find on EA. Besides that, if you are not a superstar yet, you are not talking about the same thing anyway. Improvements are always good, but sometimes what you have is completely sufficient for your purpose. Clarification: This is in no way personal towards anyone. I just describe what is common knowledge about superstars and a so called  influencer, but very often is forgotten easily. Also, I don’t consider myself a superstar on EA.

What you can do on Empire Avenue: There are many ways to enjoy and make use of the site. You can play the game with shares and dividends, you can socialize, you can somewhat measure your social activity and you can use it exceptionally well for business. Unlike other sites that would like you to see on their site, and nowhere else and with that take the last shirt off you, EA encourages you to be active on other sites as well. To me, that is of great value, because otherwise I would be sitting on one site and trying to interact, because I am too lazy to switch around. This has also the side effect that your Klout score or other internet measurement and validation goes up, if you care about that.

Problems on Empire Avenue: EA is not without problems. As far as I can tell, the most are self inflicted. From listening to what other and the influencers say, EA has a problem to interact with its users. That is sad, because the community is not as big as Facebook and is easy to monitor and interact with. It is certainly not a good thing when users and clients are dictating on what is going on, but in this case, minor adjustments could accomplish major things. Another problem is frustrated new users, which has to do with the game part. This is the reason why I actually wrote this post. EA has a high rate of “quitters”, mostly for the “complicated” way how the game works. I believe it is not that complicated and I would like to share my “knowledge” with the new players. This post or article is just meant to understand the basics of EA. For questions the new players might have, there is a group that will help in finding answers for a few things. For existing players, the group can be found here. For people that would like to try out EA, click here.

In general: Social Media is quite an important part of your life, if you run a business or try to promote something else, even yourself to your friends. With not using social media, you might cut yourself short. EA is a great way to get “your social media thing” going. In fact, if you already use something else such as Facebook, Twitter and/or anything else, EA is the perfect addition. The longer you hang with it and learn, the more use you can make of it.

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