What Works On Twitter: Better Sharing In Social Media – Infographic

A useful infographic here to help you be smarter with your social media activity on Twitter and LinkedIn and get better results for the content you share.

We’ve looked at the ideal length of Tweets and where links should go in tweets through some of the work that Dan Zarrella has done.

He looked, for instance, at where is the best place in a tweet to place link?  He also did research into how to get more clicks out of our tweets by identifying factors that tend to lead to higher click-through rates on tweeted links. This is a nice addition to that work.

This infographic looks at what is the ideal length of messages on Twitter and LinkedIn both in terms of B2B and B2C.

It also looks at what effect of question marks can have on the social media content you are sharing. This one came as a surprise to me. Questions marks seem engaging, but here it says that Twitter messages receive far fewer shares if these are included. Same for exclamation marks — although not surprise there, they should always be used sparingly.

It also highlights interesting thoughts about hashtags. Sometimes they work, but not always.

Source: The Wall

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