Wheels Of The Future – Meet The Connected Car – Infographic

Futurists, meet your car of tomorrow. We know plenty about how digital technology is reshaping computing, smartphones, personal relationships and business. But what about something most of us depend on every single day — the automobile? Digital tech is also changing how we use and interact with our cars, and in more ways than you probably realize.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communications, for example, could help automobiles detect one another’s presence and location to avoid accidents. That could be especially useful when it comes to driverless cars — another advance already very much in development. Similar technology could help ensure that cars and their drivers slow down for school zones or stop at red lights.

And the cloud isn’t just for small mobile devices — cars also use it. Cloud computing powers much of the audio streaming capabilities and dashboard app functions that are becoming more commonplace in autos…Read More

Source: Mashable.com, Symphony Services

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5 Responses

  1. Anne Thomas says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I am looking forward to smarter cars in the future.

  2. The future is… bright?

  3. Great info! and thanks for sharing this article/infographic :)

  1. May 31, 2012

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