Why You Should Market Your Medical Practice Online – Infographic

Medical practice and online marketing. – Adults are spending more and more time on the Internet – many of them searching for healthcare information and looking to connect with medical providers in their community. This means that the obvious choice for medical practices is to take their marketing efforts online. In this infographic, find out out what medical information Internet users are searching for, why online marketing matters, and how it can benefit your practice or healthcare organization.

Source: medical web experts


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2 Responses

  1. David Zinger says:

    I have a business which performsSEO Marketing For Doctors. I was wondering if I can add this link to my newsletter to email to my clients and source you? This is indeed the perfect infographic!

    • V. says:

      Hello. Thank you for your comment. Use the source mentioned in the article. In addition, if you use the The Main Street Analyst, I would appreciate it.

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