YouTube For Brands: Popularity Of Earned Media vs. Owned Media – Infographic

We all have asked ourselves what is the best way to get publicity on YouTube. Sure, creating a video that instantly goes viral is like hitting the lottery. However, not every video goes viral. Usually brands create a video and post it to their channels, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and so on. This kind of “owned media” creates a good number of hits and does help the brand to get publicity, and possibly business. But there is another way, faster and more sticky, than these self created videos: “Earned media”. Video content created by others mentioning the name of the brand are viewed much more than “owned media”.

Have a look at this infographic and see the differences in engagement between “owned media” and “earned media” on YouTube.

Infographic Source: Octoly

YouTube Earned Media Owned Media 0101

Vitus Feldmann

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